Hello, my name is Holly Peters and you’ve come to my very own and my very new personal website that is going to be dedicated to the beauty of Christian poetry. I am a very spiritual woman, always have been ever since I was a kid and spent time listening about faith in Sunday school. While I was growing up, I kinda lost my way for a little while. Luckily a few years back I found my way back home and now I draw a lot of strength from my faith in Jesus.

I earn my living as a waitress in a local coffee shop and I also work part-time in an animal shelter. My hobbies include poetry, painting, photography, and playing the guitar. I enjoy exploring my creative side. For example, recently I purchased a very expensive drone with good battery life, and a high-quality camera so that I can take photos from the air. Similarly, I also purchased a rather expensive Taylor guitar in an effort to take my guitar playing skill to the next level. But enough about me, let’s talk about faith in God and how poetry is a great method for expressing your belief in a higher power.

People losing faith

During the recent couple of years I have been noticing a trend of more and more people losing their faith in God and it breaks my heart. I’ve always used my faith to help me go through though times. I can’t help but wonder is faithlessness maybe the reason why we as a society are on a downward spiral of hopelessness. In my mind I’m making the connection between faithlessness and hopelessness because I consider these two closely related to one another.

While I was at my worst, a couple of years ago, I barely had a place to sleep. During those trying times I always kept my faith in God. Little by little I managed to find a job and with my first paycheck I got myself a cozy little apartment. I always prayed and asked for God to help me and he did. He gave me strength to carry on and keep trying. Now I have more than enough to live comfortably and to finance my hobbies. Like I already mentioned, just recently I purchased an expensive long range FPV drone that can help me shoot beautiful photos of parks and nature from air. Sometimes I capture video flying over my town and publish it on the Youtube. I might post some of those videos here if you ask for them. It’s not some high end production to be honest, but it’s just fine for some hobby drone pilot. I’m using Vegas software for video editing, that piece is software is pretty hardware consuming I have to say – so that’s why I recently upgraded to HP Laptop. It’s a very rewarding feeling capturing and looking at Gods beauty.

It was during that trying period of my life, when I didn’t have much, that I discovered Christian poetry. Many good Christians are writing beautiful poems with which they are trying to express their love and admiration for God. Reading the Bible is a must for any good Christian, but there is just something about coming across a poem about faith written by a fellow contemporary Christian. Their words might be better at understanding the problems that modern life is testing us with. That’s part of the reason why I decided to launch this website, to share with the world great works of Christian poetry that I come across.

Finding faith in Jesus through the beauty of Christian poetry

Every single person needs something to hold on to in life. Without having some kind of anchor we feel lost and have very little will to carry on. What that something is varies from person to person, and that is perfectly fine. It can be something as trivial as having a hobby like playing with underwater RC drones, playing the guitar, or something much more fulfilling like building a family. Troubles start happening when people end up with a realization that they don’t really have anything in their life to help them keep going. Something to make them get out of bed in the morning.

I found myself in this exact same situation of not having anything in my life a couple of years ago after flunking out of college and ending up on the streets to fend for myself. I had nothing to my name, just my friends couch where I was crashing. For so long I used college as my reason to get up in the morning and now it’s gone. It was my fault this happened and my fault only. Many of you are probably thinking now how exactly it is that you flunked out of college, are you sure you were getting out of bed? Yes I did, and I worked hard. It’s just I enrolled in a very demanding school and it end up too much work for me to handle. But that’s besides the point.

For a long time I was couch surfing, as the young would call it, barely having a penny to my name, and I just felt lost. I started looking for something to help me straighten up my life, and I remembered my faith and all the things I learned in school about how God is always there for you. As I was growing up I completely neglected my faith. The following Sunday I attended church for the first time in a long time, and there was an announcement for a meeting of the poetry club afterwards. I immediately signed up and started discovering the wonderful world of Christan poetry. My fellow poets there really helped me out with advice, and kind words, which is all I needed really.

At the same time that I was visiting the church group I took up the courage to look for a job as a waitress and I’ve been doing it ever since. As of this fall I’m also attending community college. My courses in web development are actually what helped me with the necessary knowledge to setup this website. Things are really starting to look up for me. I love my hobbies, flying cheap FPV drones takes me outside, to the park, and playing the guitar really helps calm my spirits. There’s also praying and reading poetry, which is why we’re here.

My favorite Christan poets and their songs

I thought why not give a small tasting of some of my favorite Christian poets who have helped get me on the right path. These were provided courtesy of ChristianPoets.com, an online catalogue of Christan poetry.

Dina Derosa

Dina is a California based poet who has made God and Jesus the centerpiece of her poetry. She started reading poetry at a very early age and she started writing her own poetry back in 1997. She is my hero and a role model. I hope I can write poetry as profound and deep as the one that comes out of her pen.

Shine On Me

God, let your love shine on me.
Creator, please keep me from falling.
God, let your peace shine on me.
My Father, please prevent me from trembling.

Jesus, let your grace shine on me.
My Rock, please keep me from worrying.
Jesus, let your mercy shine on me.
My Cornerstone, please prevent me from crumbling.

Holy Spirit, let your light shine on me.
My Comforter, please keep me from crying.
Holy Spirit, let your guidance shine on me.
My Anchor, please prevent me from drifting.

Jill Lemming

Jill is another strong Christan woman, a housewife, mother of three and a poet. She is exactly the kind of role model that I need in my life right now. Her poetry is amazingly on point and allows one to find strength in faith and love for God. She is actually one of the first authors that I've read and there are many poems of hers that I could have chosen. "Beyond the Midnight Hour" really captures the importance of being content and happy with just God and Jesus in your life.

Beyond the Midnight Hour 

As the world is softly sleeping
I spend time alone with Thee
and within these sacred moments
Your Spirit falls on me.
Without noises or distractions
to disturb my solitude
nothing could be better
than my quiet time with you.
The serenity I feel
just beyond the midnight hour
becomes my source of strength
the Fathers highest power.
I face the morning sunshine
with a sense of peace restored
because I spent these quiet moments
in the presence of my Lord.

Heather Mae Belmonte

I find a lot of similarities between my story and that of Heather Mae Belmonte, who is another fine Christan woman and a very talented poet. She is currently attending college, studying English, which is the right thing to do. That is something that I wish have done right the first time around. Here song featured here, "A Daily Struggle" really speaks to me on a deep level.

A Daily Struggle
My life, I know, is not mine own
Although I grasp and cling and cleave
And weave my will as I am prone
Throughout this life God’s given me.
This life God gave so I might give
It fully back to who bestowed
And yet I strive to snatch and live 
This life as if to none I owed.
If only God would grant the grace
To live each day for Him alone,
Resting in no other place
But in my Savior’s blessed home.
Ah! Then I’d live this life for Him
And give it daily back again!

Jerry Hoffman

the late Jerry Hoffman has found himself of being the only man in company of ladies. He is sadly no longer with us, but his legacy continues on through his work. I never met the man, although we have lived in the same area for the longest time, but from what I hear he didn't start writing until his retirement, at an age of 64, which just goes to show you're never late to express yourself through poetry. His song "The Journey Home" is a great piece of poetry for all those that are lost and are looking to come closer to God.

The Journey Home

(one of Jerry’s final poems)
Is there joy in the journey I’m taking?
Do I live in the power of love?
Am I always on God’s grace depending,
On this journey to Heaven above?

Just over pain’s mountain love becons,
Just across that tumultuous sea,
Tears are vanquished forever and ever,
Where my Lord waits in splendor for me.

Every peril, each day I encounter,
As I traverse this sorrowful place;
Will increase the great joy that awaits me,
When I look on His wonderful face.

His words “Welcome home!” will refresh me,
I’ll be filled with the love from His smile;
When my journey, at last, finds its purpose.
Then we’ll sit and we’ll talk for a while.

Contact me with your poetry

One of the things that I’d like nothing more is to hear from other fellow Christan poets. To hear what kind of stories about faith and of course what kind of poems you have to share. Getting in touch with other people, that’s what life is all about and I’m always looking for like minded individuals with whom I could chat. Get in touch with me here, or on the Contact me page. Thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoy my website