Christian poetry resources that I use

Recently I started getting questions from you, my readers. I’m very thankful for that. You are the reason I’m running this website after all. One of the questions that I received multiple time was where exactly do I find poets that write poems about Christianity. Well the answer to that question is from multiple places, but I thought I should mention two of my favorites.

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Jerry Hoffman – the late, great Christian poet

Today marks the day we give tribute to one of the people who have indebted the world of Christian poetry, Jerry Hoffman. Jerry is sadly no longer with us. During his time here on Earth was a kind soul who wrote some of the most beautiful poems that I’ve ever come across. He covered a wide range of topics with his poetry, from expectations of the second coming of Christ, to mans love for God. Jerry’s poetry is very inspiring and it really left quite an impact on the Christian poet society. I thought it would be a good idea to share with the world my favorite poem of his.

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How to keep faith in God in these modern times

One could say that being a believer is very difficult these days. Faith is under attack on all sides. I’m not talking about the science vs. religion debate. It is pretty obvious that these two are opposites that exist to satisfy two separate needs. What I’m talking about is the fact that because of all the hardships that people face in life today, they seem to be turning their hearts away from God and are instead mired in bad will and negativity. Let’s discuss today how to keep your faith, despite going through hard times.

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Short faith filled poems from Marilyn Marinelli

Continuing on with my series of Christian poet discoveries, today we’re featuring a very modest poet Marilyn Marinelli. Her poetry attracted me for two reasons. One, she expresses a lot of everyday negativity that every one of us as Christian go through on a daily basis. Plus, her songs are usually short, which I like. Another theme that is very popular with Marilyn would be being a born again, in Jesus, and that’s where I find myself a lot.

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Christian poetry that weaves Bible verses together

I thought I should kick off my blog by sharing with the world a Christian poet that seems to be having a very interesting take on Christian poetry. I’m talking about Barbara Ann Dudley. This author writes poems that seem to integrate Bible verses, and she does it seamlessly. Today I’m going to feature one such poem of Barbara’s so that we can fully enjoy in the amazing talent that she brings to the table.

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