Christian poetry that weaves Bible verses together

I thought I should kick off my blog by sharing with the world a Christian poet that seems to be having a very interesting take on Christian poetry. I’m talking about Barbara Ann Dudley. This author writes poems that seem to integrate Bible verses, and she does it seamlessly. Today I’m going to feature one such poem of Barbara’s so that we can fully enjoy in the amazing talent that she brings to the table.

Christian poetry that weaves Bible verses together

So what Barbara does when I say weaving Bible verses together. Well, she does exactly that. She writes a poem and then uses a situation from the Bible, or a direct section of a verse from the Bible and incorporates it into her own poem. A poem of her’s where this can best be described is called “The Church in My House”. I’ll post it here in full with relevant Bible references next to each poem verse so that you can see what it is that I’m talking about.

The Church in My House

Let me build my house
Upon THE ROCK, today. [1 Cor. 10:4]
A house worthy of peace,
And a house where all can pray.

We are “lively stones,” [1 Pet. 2:5]
CHRIST’S “spiritual house” are we.
And our “spiritual sacrifices”
We offer up to Thee.

I must provide for others,
Especially, for my own.
If I “have not charity” in my heart, [1 Cor. 13:1]
My house is not His home.

The Church in my house,
Like Aquila and Priscilla’s time, [1 Cor. 16:19]
Welcoming “our fellow soldier” [Philemon 2]
With “The Doctrine of CHRIST,” we bind. [2 John 9]

Let me build my house
Where CHRIST abides, today.
And invite my neighbors
To know THE TRUTH, THE LIFE, THE WAY. [John 14:6]

Barbara Ann Dudley

Notice how Barbara weaves Bible quotes effortlessly from one verse of her song to another. It is something that I find truly inspiring and I don’t know how she does it really. It’s not that Barbara takes word for word copies of relevant Bible quotes, no. She actually gives here own interpretation of them which fits the verse ordering of her own song. I highly recommend that you read rest of Barbara’s poetry, because it is incredibly beautiful and who knows. You might end up inspired for you to write your own poems. Don’t forget to get in touch if you do.