Jerry Hoffman – the late, great Christian poet

Today marks the day we give tribute to one of the people who have indebted the world of Christian poetry, Jerry Hoffman. Jerry is sadly no longer with us. During his time here on Earth was a kind soul who wrote some of the most beautiful poems that I’ve ever come across. He covered a wide range of topics with his poetry, from expectations of the second coming of Christ, to mans love for God. Jerry’s poetry is very inspiring and it really left quite an impact on the Christian poet society. I thought it would be a good idea to share with the world my favorite poem of his.

Jerry Hoffman – the late, great Christian poet

Everything that Jerry wrote has been published through his own publishing company called the Crossway Publications. I never met the man himself, but from what I gather, even though he was drawn to poetry since young age, it wasn’t until later on in life, after he retired from his job as a postman, that he wrote most of the poems that we know and love. It just goes to show that it’s never too late to start doing something you love.

The Light Still Shines

A star shown bright
That Christmas night
At Christ our Savior’s birth.
Angelic throngs
Sang joyous songs
Proclaiming peace on earth.

Now days His name
We can’t proclaim
As hearts grow dark with sin.
Death’s evil spore
Has barred the door
And won’t let Jesus in ~

But still His love
Sends from above
A message strong and clear.
The peace you seek
Is at My feet
Draw near my child, draw near.

Since Christmas is upon us, I thought I should feature one of Jerry’s songs which talks about the true meaning of Christmas. Over the years Christmas has become highly commercialized. People rarely get excited about what Christmas should truly be about, the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Instead presents, shinny lights and popularity contests have run amok. Jerry’s song “The Light Still Shines” is something that people need to read if they want to find out the true meaning of Christmas. Just listen to the words of the song, how the so effortlessly paint the picture of what Christmas should be. Check it out and let me know which song of Jerry’s you liked the most.